What Is Giving Tuesday And Is It Right For Your Organization? by Emily Ziberna


Whether you’ve never heard of Giving Tuesday before or it’s the highlight of your fundraising calendar, it’s important that your organization has a plan in place for it. 

Giving Tuesday is an international day of giving fueled by social media and is on December 3rd this year. The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, it is meant to be a day to inspire end-of-year or holiday giving.

If you’re intrigued, start to think about if Giving Tuesday would be a good fundraising push for your organization. Here are some factors that should be in place for it to be an effective event:

  1. Presence: Since Giving Tuesday relies on social media and/or email marketing, you will need to already have a strong presence for this to be effective. Make sure you’re active and involved on your social media channels and have a solid donor database.

  2. Manpower: You will need to have supports in place before and after the event. Developing a plan, executing an engaging campaign as well as thanking donors and following up with new engagement after the event will require time and effort.

  3. Timing: Determine if this time of year is a good time for your organization to fundraise. Look at when your donors are the most engaged with your organization. If it’s back-to-school or summertime, then work with your organization’s strengths and focus your efforts during those times instead.

If you feel like your organization could benefit from Giving Tuesday, then it’s time to come up with a plan. Here are a few ideas to get you brainstorming about a social media or email campaign:

  1. Create a short, compelling video that explains your organization 

  2. Ask your current donors to share why they donate on their social media and share it (check out the hashtag #UnSelfie!)

  3. Share a powerful story of impact from someone who has benefited from your work

  4. Have a dynamic spokesperson write or record a call to action

  5. Share a photograph that showcases your mission in action

  6. Create a simple, shareable infographic that shows your organization’s impact

  7. Have a fun contest to get your followers involved - vote on a new logo or name a new program

Whatever your plan is, make sure there is a specific call to action attached and that you have a measurable goal. That goal could be monetary – or it might be attracting new donors and gaining new social media followers to increase awareness. 

If you have a particular goal for these funds, be clear about what it is with your audience. Earmark Giving Tuesday funds for a new program or building - the more specific, the better! 

If you feel like a social campaign is not in the cards for your organization this year, there are other ways to participate in the day. Giving Tuesday is all about giving in any way you can – including your time and support.

For example, your organization could volunteer as a group and donate your skills to your community. You could also host an event on this day to highlight the work your organization has done throughout this year and share goals for the new year – be sure to invite new donors! Some organizations even use Giving Tuesday as a time to donate their own funds to nonprofits they admire as a way to support the hard work that’s happening around them. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate Giving Tuesday, make sure you have a solid plan in place, a clear goal for the day, and most of all have fun!

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